Arthur Lee

Mr Arthur Lee graduated top of his class from NUS with First Class Honours. He holds a Double Degree in Biology and Business, amongst other impressive achievements. 

He has tutored over 200 students and students under his guidance have improved by 4-6 grades on average.


... Arthur has been and still is my favourite tutor.


Even with the long and intensive classes, Arthur never fails to make lessons interesting.


Arthur is experienced in teaching Mathematics and Sciences, so i know i can always trust his help ...

Shea Ng

Methodist Girls School

L1R5: 4 Points

A Math Distinction Rate: 53%

E Math Distinction Rate: 56%

Over 98% of students who scored distinction have been taking classes for at least 9 months.

2019 O Level

Chem Distinction Rate: 40%

Sci(Chem) Distinction Rate: 75%

Students from 2019's batch have a median PSLE score of 200 and have outperformed their peers.

2019 O Level

Bio Distinction Rate: 75%

Sci (Bio) Distinction Rate: 44%

On average, students improve by 4-6 grades when they take classes for at least 9 months.

2019 O Level

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