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Experienced Tutor

Mr Arthur Lee has a wealth of experience as a teacher and has spent 9 years guiding students.

He is highly results-driven and has helped students achieve major improvements in grades. On average, students see at least an improvement of 4-6 grades and many go on to score As.

The results are a product of various factors - crystal clear teaching, carefully crafted lesson plans, proprietary notes and a secret formula.

Choosing a tutor is not an easy decision. Anecdotes of how certain students love or hate a particular subject because of the teacher are fairly common.

The tutor you pick impacts the student's life in a multitude of ways.Tutors influence the student's motivation, attitude towards the subject and exam results amongst other things.


To help you make an informed decision, learn more about the difference between me and other tutors. 


Choose the best. Don't settle for second.

1st Difference
Secret formula

What's the Secret formula?

One dose of reality and two tablespoons of 'Why?'.

One dose of reality

"To be taken during class. Once a week. 

Caution: Effects are long-lasting and may pique curiosity"

In my class, students get to apply what they learn to the real world.

For example, students get to answer questions such as:


Do collagen products really

make your skin beautiful?

Is alkaline water really good for me?

Why do some people fart or have diarrhoea when they drink milk?

How to choose a perfume?

Why did Gandhi hate the element, Iodine?

How  do we use Math to tell us

when dinosaurs roamed the Earth?

Secret Formula
Secret formula

TWO tablespoons OF 'WHY?'

"All day. Every day.

Caution: May develop tendency to bombard parents & teachers with questions "

In my class, students also learn to ask 'Why?'


This helps them score 'A's because they develop deep understanding and critical thinking.

It's not as easy as it sounds. Given the amount of content covered for exams, it is often easier to just spoon-feed answers and deliver results.  

Being able to develop critical thinking without compromising grades is a delicate balancing act that my lessons consistently deliver.



double degree

1st class honors


Regardless of the school that students come from, parents can be assured that Mr Arthur has the ability to guide students through the toughest of school and national examinations.


2nd Difference
Math Tuition


Only 10% of undergraduates (or less) graduate with 1st class honours. Fewer go on to teach.

My double degree in Science and Business allows me to teach both Math and Science. This also allows me to help students connect the dots between Math and Science, helping them to appreciate both subjects better.

I vividly remember a conversation with a Math HOD of a secondary school. As a friend, he asked me why we have to learn algebra. 

If the teacher does not know why we have to learn algebra, will the student know why?


Highly experienced



Experience the difference today


Unparalleled Dedication







Dedicated Teacher

One consistent feedback about Mr Arthur is that he is highly dedicated to seeing all of his students succeed.

Class sizes are capped at 13 students and all classes are taught personally by him. This allows him to closely monitor every student's progress and provides feedback to both parent and student. 

Students are welcome to ask questions during or after class (even via Whatsapp outside of class time).

Mr Arthur also provides regular tests and mock exams to help students consolidate their learning and identify their weaknesses.

3rd Difference
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